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Termo, Thermodynamics

This program allows you to calculate the thermodynamic properties of the water making use of the formulations that the IAPWS made, from year 1997 to year 2005, called IF97 and that are published on The necessary equations for saturated water (liquid-steam balance), over heated water steam and compressed liquid water were programmed; being the most used in engineering. Thanks to these formulations you can find properties from different combinations from inputted data, as well as configure the units in which you wish to enter the information and see the results. There are also ideal, solid and liquid gas information, and equations, classified by subjects, that can you can easily visualize and evaluate.

Te contents are:
1 Reference,
1,1 Thermodynamic Properties of the Water,
1.1.1 Saturated Water (balance liquid-steam),
1.1.2 Over heated Water Steam,
1.1.3 Compressed Liquid Water,
1.1.4 Configuration,
1,2 Properties of Diverse ideal, Solid and Liquid Gases at 25ºC,
1.2.1 Ideal Gases,
1.2.2 Solids and Liquids,
1,3 Linear Interpolation (Simple/Doble).


Category TI-89 BASIC Science Programs
File Size 700,325 bytes
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