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Daisuke-Edit 1.1.5

Daisuke-Edit is a brand new Ti-Basic editor for 68k models. The main features of Daisuke-Edit are:

-Syntax coloring
-Automatic correction of capitalization
-Editing programs, functions, expressions, lists, matrices and chains in the format of the calculators TI-89 (and Ti-89 Titanium), TI-92, TI-92 Plus and Voyage 200.
-Allows you to save a file for the 4 models simultaneously.
-Use of characters of the calculator.
-Fast access to functions and commands using three different interfaces.
-Numeration of lines.
-Complete support for undo and re-do.
-Tools for the elaboration of Dialog, PopUp, ToolBar, and Custom structures.
-Tools for the elaboration/edition of lists and matrices.
-Indentation with respect to the last row and intelligent indentation (hierarchical listing) for the Try, While, Loop and For functions.
-Connectivity with the TiEmu emulator.
-Connectivity with the calculator using Ti-Connect.
-Folding (collapse, expand) of Dialog, ToolBar, Custom, While, Try, Loop and For structures.
-Highlighting of parenthesis, curly brackets, square brackets and quotation marks at the beginning and end.

Category              Windows Utilities
File Size                2,443,155 bytes


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