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StatLite 1.02.1 -Interfaz Gráfica-

This is an upgrade to StatLite 1.02 it differs from the original because it uses a graphical interface to input and output the data; StatLitE v1.02 is a TI-83,84 style command-line distribution function package. Running normcdf(-infinity,36,35,2) returns 0.691462461274, full 12 decimal accuracy. The built-in TI cumulative normal is only accurate to 8 decimals. StatLitE is also a 12.3k alternative to the full 317k Stat LE Flash App. Included are pdfs and cdfs for the binomial, chi-squared, F-distribution, geometric, normal, Poisson and Student’s t distributions. The inverse normal cdf is also part of this package. Inverse chi-squared, F-distribution and Student’s t use the built-in solve function. Those three inverses run VERY SLOWLY! Supporting functions are the beta, incomplete beta, regularized beta, error function, complementary error function, double factorial, rising factorial, gamma, natural log gamma, lower incomplete gamma, upper incomplete gamma, and regularized gamma.

Category              Voyage 200 BASIC Math Programs
File Size                94,379 bytes



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